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Relevant to Female Superheroes and Cosplayers pt2
I've added more to the bottom of this article, and I'm bumping it because I feel like it's important.
Also it's my birthday, so I do what I want. :B
This link. Right here.
Tony. Tony, Tony, Tony.
This attitude is not ok, for many reasons beside it being completely illogical.
1) You don't get to decide who is a geek or not a geek. Period. Geekdom is about acceptance, not rejection. If you're all about Not Liking Other People That Like The Stuff That You Like, you're not a geek, you're a hipster. Who found a pair of glasses.
2) You don't get to decide who is hot and who is not hot. That girl at the con with thick thighs and a little bit of muffin top? She is a perfect 10 in my book, bro. Except that women's bodies aren't up for the judging. Her attractiveness or lack therof does not define her geekiness. The same way that it does not define her social experience. Pretty
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Thane: Amonkira Guide My Hands by ManticoreEX Thane: Amonkira Guide My Hands :iconmanticoreex:ManticoreEX 18 15


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Hey, a simple update here about well... I'm alive. And I plan to become more active on this account :) I'm trying to draw more often because it's the summer holidays and yet I'm failing because I'm like... More of a writer XD
Anyway, yes... That!
Plus, at some point I hope to put osme cosplays on this account, I've been failing with my cosplay meme because I haven't really had the energy to do anything or make something. THOUGH I have begun creating a Vaporeon cosplay from Pokemon, because DAY-YUM I'm really into Pokemon at the moment, as well as Adventure Time and Young Justice.


Hoping to do a casual Robin one day soon... Ooh, maybe MCM Expo, because my plans have changed multiple times XD So look out for that :D Teehee :)

So yeah, I'll try and speak soon and put up some drawing and pictures!!!
Bye bye!!!

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United Kingdom
Ohayógozaimasu! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa!
I'm Red-Sushi!
Don't worry about the name, it's a mixture of my favourite things!
Red = Axel and Sushi = Kisame!
Well, my REAL name is Emily Ann Roberts! (If you put all the initials together it spells EAR!) I'm also known as Emiko, Axel (By my Kingdom Hearts obsessed friends), Misa (My first ever cosplay!) and James (Which is strangely enough my brothers name... I'm James because of James Potter)!
I was made on the 1st of the wonderful month known as OCTOBER!
I now officially know ALL of the songs from Tim Burton's, The Nightmare Before Christmas... Collectors Edition :) SO not addicted...

<-> LOVE <->
Cosplay ~ Fingerless Gloves ~ Checkered shirts ~ Skinny Jeans ~ Diet Coke ~ Regular Coke ~ Ramen ~ Udon ~ Rich Tea Biscuits ~ Tea ~ Apple Shampoo ~ Snow ~ Apples ~ Candy Canes ~ Rubicon ~ Candy Sticks ~ David Bowie ~ Cappucinos ~ PVA glue ~ The colour Red ~ Sushi ~ Blue ~ Pandas ~ Trees ~ Japan ~ Cocktail Umbrellas ~ Youtube ~ Sleeping ~ Hugs ~ Crayons ~ Paper ~ Inspiration ~ Naruto ~ Code Geass ~ Angel Beats ~ Gravitation ~ Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 ~ Soul Eater ~ Amazing Hats ~ LOVE! ~ Converses ~ Awkward moments ~ Bruises ~ The wonderful cosplay groups, Parlé Productions, KoiCosplay and FightingDreamersPro! ~ Cardboard tubes ~ Paint ~ Drawing Comics ~ Manga ~ Junjou Romantica ~ Black Butler ~ Harry Potter (James Potter is one cocky bastard) ~ The Burrito Song ~ The colour Orange ~

The colour Brown ~ Smoking ~ Someone more overreactive than me ~ Bossy boots ~ My Brothers cat Serge ~ No tape in the house ~ Lies ~ Coffee ~ Oranges ~ Illnesses ~ REALLY high places ~ Arachnids ~ My mothers boyfriend... He looks like a pedophile! ~

Current Residence: Crawley, England
Favourite genre of music: I'll listen to anything!
Favourite photographer: Either myself or my friend, Rebecca
Favourite style of art: Cosplaying, Anime and Manga!
Favourite cartoon character: Uhh... Axel & Kisame! They would make Sushi together!
Personal Quote: Don't judge a book by it's cover, as the inside may be different from another.


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Silverkrim Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Emily <3 its Siân
jellitot Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Student General Artist
you know whats good? a disney film yush.
you know whats better than a disney film? two disney films.
know whats better than that... Four disney films!... mixed together...
tangled+brave+how to train your dragon+rise of the guardians= rise of the brave tangled dragons

Rapunzel Merida Jack and Hiccup i love it soooooooo much :)

go find it you'll love it

> heres tumblr to help you [link]
Red-Sushi Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I found it, I love it :) I really love Hiccup XD THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE AND ASDFGHJKL :D xxx
jellitot Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Student General Artist
i know asdfghjkl i i just love them :D xxx
Red-Sushi Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Same! SO cute :) xxx
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I've also finally remembered to thank you for faving "FENRIS REMEMBERS." Sorry it took so long.
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This is really late but THANK YOU FOR FAVING HAWKEXHAWKE! <3
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thank you for the fave!
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Thaannnkieesss for the watch :squee:
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OMG only 10 days till expo! ARE YOU READY
Also just wanted to check if I have you current mobile number so that we can actually meet up this time!
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